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Research Practices Study (South East Asia)

Participant Information
Welcome! In this study we are interested in the attitudes of researchers in South East Asia towards different research practices. You will be presented with a list of practices that people may choose to engage in during the research process (i.e., at the design, implementation, and analysis stage). For each practice we will ask you to (1) Estimate how many researchers in your field engage in each practice, (2) Indicate whether you have ever engaged in a practice, and (3) Give your opinion on this practice. For some research practices we will also ask you to reflect on the reasons why you don't use them in your everyday practice.

We expect this survey to take you less than 15 minutes to complete.

Your participation will help us better understand the practices of researchers in South East Asia and help to identify some of the culture specific barriers that researchers in this region may face

Ethics clearance
This research project has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of XX. (Ethics ID number: XX) If you have any concerns or complaints about the conduct of this research project, which you do not wish to discuss with the research team, you should contact XX. All complaints will be treated confidentially. In any correspondence please provide the name of the research team or the name or ethics ID number of the research project.

Informed consent is implied by entering the survey. The data you anonymously provide may be published in peer reviewed papers and presented at academic conferences. Neither your name or any other identifying information is collected. Your answers will be stored securely and anonymously and the data will be stored on a public repository, after removing any demographic information you provide. You may stop the survey at any time without penalty.

Please contact the study administration in case of questions.